Things to Ignore While Viewing Homes

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Things You Should Ignore While Viewing Homes

A Home’s Age - Quality materials, classic style, charm and inherent character can be hard to find in newer builds.

Paint Color - Repainting is cheap, easy & fast. Focus on the structure of the rooms, window placement, and other permanent features.

Crazy Out-Dated Wallpaper - It might take a little elbow grease, but wallpaper can be covered or removed.

Kitchen Appliances - If you leave room in the budget for new items, that old fridge or stove should not be a deal breaker.

Hardware - Drawer pulls, doorknobs and sconces are simple to update, so don’t let ugly ones deter you from seeing an otherwise charming room.

Unappealing Carpeting - Don’t cross a home off your list because of the flooring. You have many options for replacing it that won’t break the bank.

Funky Odors - Except for a serious mold issue, most smells can be eliminated with a powerful deep cleaning or hiring a professional cleaning company.

Curb Appeal that’s Not Attractive - Envision different landscaping or a tidy porch and look past a poor paint choice or peeling paint. You might actually see the home of your dreams.

Popcorn Ceilings - Removing that crud can be messy and pricey, but it may be worth it if you love everything else about the floor plan etc.

Lack of Privacy - Fences and hedges make great neighbors.